The sea of rubbish

The North pacific gyre is very bad because of all the rubbish that goes into it. For 12 kilometers the water isn’t visible. There is a BIG strip of plastic scraps and metal. People are now trying to clean it up but other people keep putting more and more junk into the gyre. The people can’t clean the mess up.

Any animal that goes into the sea of rubbish will have a very painful rest of life and will some times end up dying after going through something like this. They will come back with lots of cuts, plastic rings, plastic bags, oil, splinters and toys stuck to them.

You can help by recycling plastic into art and putting it some where safe or don’t buy as much plastic as you did before.

At my school we did sea week, which meant we went to different beaches and cleaned up all the rubbish we could find. We made t-shirts with sea week logos on them to spread the message that “oceans don’t eat plastic… be fantastic and use less of it”

Here is a poem I wrote:


An ocean of pain

Trapped by currents

In the wind of silence

They cannot breathe.

I hope you have learned from some of these things I have shared. I would like to hear any things you know that can teach me more. Thank you very much for caring about our oceans and the animals.

What happens when a turtle comes across a plastic bag or a ring

Turtles are my most favorite animal that lives in the sea. The really sad thing is that turtles are dying from plastic bags and plastic rings. Turtles think that the plastic bags are jelly fish. They will eat the bag and get it stuck in their throat and drown, which is very sad.¬† With the plastic rings, it will get on the shell of the turtle and cut off the blood circulation to the other half of the body. The turtle can’t swim and can’t get to the surface. To help stop this from happening cut the rings up so it doesn’t go around the turtle, and keep your plastic bags or recycle them.