Some times the sea helps pollute

Tsunamis can pollute people, homes and houses and also the ocean. They wipe out people’s houses and cars taking the plastic in them. The plastic will wash up on shore and some sea animals will choke. Tangaroa, God of the sea, will feel annoyed and angry. If you see any rubbish lying on the beach, please pick it up. Either recycle it if you can, or put it in the bin.

Paint tubes

Paint tubes are sometimes a waste. When a person finishes painting with a plastic tube they will throw away the tube once the paint has gone. The tube is such hard plastic that it will take more than 600 years to break down. You could make your own paints instead of throwing away junk that will eventually end up in the sea or land fill. See this link for a great recipe:

Another idea if you need to buy paint tubes is to recycle them to make chalk. See: Use the tubes as molds for the chalk. You could also fill them with sand, replace the lid tightly and use them as wedges to hold doors open. 



PLASTICP is for Pollution

L is for litter

A is for animals in danger

S is for suffer for the misdeeds

T is for toxic particles

I is for it has to stop!

C is for can you help?

Kids! Let’s think about what we ask for!

Do you ask for lots of plastic toys? We can choose recyclable wooden or metal toys. Ask for toys that you know you will play with for a long time and ones that won’t break easily.

Do you really need Happy meal toys and burger king toys? Some websites say that McDonalds gives away 1.5 billion toys in Happy Meals. These are just the right size to be swallowed by an animal and they’re often not played with for long.

What about birthday parties? There is often plastic in party bags and party toys. It’s even worse if you use plastic plates, cups, forks etc.

School lunches can be really bad. There can be small plastic bags of chips, muesli bars, and even fruit such as apples. People have plastic pottles of yoghurt, plastic wrap, even plastic lunch boxes and drink bottles. I recommend that kids have Skins (little pouches) or containers that can be reused. Metal drink bottles are a good idea.