7 comments on “Yuk- amount of plastic going into the sea

  1. Judith A Cartisano says:

    Wow, Quinn. That’s a really scary image.

  2. Judith A Cartisano says:

    I found this link and thought of you, Quinn, while I was reading it. It’s about reducing your use of plastic: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/responsible-living/photos/16-simple-ways-to-reduce-plastic-waste/plastic-problem

    • banplastic says:

      Hi Judith- that is a really interesting thing about down cycling. It makes me think that we should try not to use much plastic to begin with.

      • Judith A Cartisano says:

        Definitely use less plastic. Your blog got me thinking and so I’ve been going around checking out all the things I have that are plastic. Sometimes you just don’t think about these things. It’s amazing and dismaying to see all of that stuff. Who needs it? So now I am thinking of ways to avoid as much plastic as I can.

  3. Judith A Cartisano says:

    Here’s another article Quinn. It’s about an invention that could possibly begin to remove the plastic in the ocean and recycle it. I hope it’s true. http://vr-zone.com/articles/19-year-old-inventor-finds-way-to-clean-up-the-worlds-oceans-in-under-5-years-time/19381.html

    • banplastic says:

      That’s really amazing! Especially for a 19 year old. I wonder how long it took him to design it. Also, I wonder how big it is because if it was really big I think it would be very effective against all of the plastic floating in the ocean. It looks like it is made out of metal.

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