Home Made Gingerbeer

Home Made Gingerbeer

It was my birthday and I had some Chi. I will reuse the plastic bottles by making some of my home made ginger beer.
1. Put 1tsp of yeast into a glass with 1/2 cup warm water and 1 tsp sugar.
2. In a big bowl mix 2 cups sugar, 1Tbsp ginger, 1tsp lemon essence, 1tsp tartaric acid and 2 L boiling water. Stir until you can’t see the sugar anymore.
3. Add 2 L cold water. Mix in yeast mixture. Cover and leave for 2 days.
4. Pour into 4 bottles through a cloth. It’s a filter to get all the mucky bits.
5. put 1tsp of sugar into each bottle. Top up with some cold water if you don’t have much mix but leave some room at the top for the gas.
6. Leave somewhere warm for 5 days.
7. Open it carefully and I must warn you, open the bottle very slowly or the gingerbeer might explode everywhere.

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