What happens when a turtle comes across a plastic bag or a ring

Turtles are my most favorite animal that lives in the sea. The really sad thing is that turtles are dying from plastic bags and plastic rings. Turtles think that the plastic bags are jelly fish. They will eat the bag and get it stuck in their throat and drown, which is very sad.  With the plastic rings, it will get on the shell of the turtle and cut off the blood circulation to the other half of the body. The turtle can’t swim and can’t get to the surface. To help stop this from happening cut the rings up so it doesn’t go around the turtle, and keep your plastic bags or recycle them.

4 comments on “What happens when a turtle comes across a plastic bag or a ring

  1. Kathryn says:

    Absolutely right Quinn. There is NO reason for people to discard plastic anything where I might get into any waterway or the sea.. To condemn an innocent animal to a lingering, painful death because someone is too lazy to cut their rings up, or not leave plastic bags about is just awful.
    For my money, both plastic bags, and those plastic rings on cans ought to be banned outright, and usually I am not in favour of bans as such. These things are a menace and we will all manage perfectly well without them, just as we did before they were invented.

  2. banplastic says:

    Thanks Kathryn. Love from Quinn.

  3. Judith A Cartisano says:

    I agree. I don’t like those plastic rings. I try not to buy anything that has them, but on the rare occasions I do, I always cut them up. Also, if I see rings people have discarded on the roads etc., I bring them home to cut them up. I love turtles and seeing them suffer and die because of human carelessness breaks my heart.

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