It can be done

Some parts of the world have banned plastic bags, which is very good. People use their fabric bags instead. If they forget their bags, they will be able to buy paper bags. Plastic bags have been banned in Los Angeles. It goes to prove that we can do it here too.

Check out this:

One comment on “It can be done

  1. Judith A Cartisano says:

    Our largest grocery store here takes back #2 plastic grocery bags and recycles them. It seems that these can be recycled but have to be in large quantities in order for recyclers to accept them. They’ve set up bins in their store for these bags, as well as for metal and other forms of plastic, to be recycled. It isn’t a perfect solution. Banning would be better, but it is a step.

    Also I’ve noticed a few people walking for exercise in my neighborhood who stop and pick up any garbage they find along the way. I don’t know what they do with it, but decided after watching them that I would pick up plastic bags, plastic rings, glass items, cans and so forth and send them off in the weekly recycling pickup.

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